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   The goal took longer to complete than he thought it would, and he became discouraged. And, because he didn't stop to look at what he had achieved, he lost his drive and focus. Before he knew it, the goal – and the opportunities it would have brought – were forgotten. Sound familiar?完成目标通常远比想象的要耗时更长,他开始变得丧失信心。可是,他并没有看下自己已经达成了什么,因此,他丧失了动力与重点。在他知道之前,目标及其本该带来的机会都被忘却了。是不是听起来很熟悉呢?In this article, we'll look at some common mistakes that people make when they set goals. Learn how to recognize these mistakes, so that you can avoid making them yourself!在本篇文章中,将与各位看下,在目标设定时,人们经常会犯的错误。要学会如何识别这些错误,由此,你可以去避免这些错误!常见错误1:目标不切实际Mistake 1: Setting Unrealistic Goals常见错误1:设置不切实际的目标When you're exploring possible goals, you need to unleash your imagination and ambition, put your reservations aside, and dream big dreams. However, once you've decided on a goal, make sure that it is realistic, and that you can actually achieve it in the time frame that you have set for yourself.当你在探索可能的目标时,你需要放开想象力和抱负,不要那么墨守成规,请做大你的梦想。不过,一旦你决定了某个目标,要确保这一目标是切合实际的,并且可以在自己设定的时间框架内得以达成。For instance, if your goal is to run a marathon, it's wildly unrealistic to sign up for one next month, unless you've already done several months of training. Or, if your goal is to become CEO of a company, but you have no experience, this goal might not be practical – at least not yet!例如,如果你的目标是去跑马拉松,除非你已经为此训练了数月,否则,下个月就报名参加马拉松将是不切实际的。或者,如果你的目标是成为一家公司的首席执行长,却没有丝毫经验,这个目标可能就是不切实际的-至少现在还不是时候!To set realistic goals, use SMART Goal Setting strategies: make sure that your goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.要设定切合实际的目标,请使用SMRT准则来进行目标设定:要确保目标是具体的、可测量的、可实现的、相关的和有时限的。目标设定常见错误2:关注面太少Mistake 2: Focusing on Too Few Areas只关注极少的方面的目标Imagine that you've just written your list of goals for the next year. You've committed to increasing your sales by 15 percent, applying for a promotion, and reading one leadership book each month.请想象一下,你写下了明年的目标清单。你承诺将销售额提升15%,申请晋升,并且在每月阅读一本领导方面的书籍。Although this is an ambitious but achievable list of goals, there's a potential problem: these goals focus only on your career. You've completely omitted goals from other parts of your life.没错!这确实是一个雄心勃勃,也可以实现的目标清单,但有个潜在的问题:这些目标,只关注了职业,却完全忽略了人生中其他方面的目标。Many people focus solely on their work when they set goals. However, you can't neglect activities that bring you joy. Goals like writing a book, competing in an adventure race, or starting a home garden might also be incredibly important for your happiness and well-being.在设定目标时,许多人只关注工作层面。然而,你不能忽视给你带来欢乐的活动。诸如,写一本书,参加一次冒险竞赛,或者开启家庭花园这样的目标,对于快乐和幸福也可能是很重要的。So, when you set your goals, make sure that you strike the right balance between different areas of your life. And remember that ""balance"" is different for everyone – use the Wheel of Life tool to understand which areas of your life you need to focus on most.因此,在设定目标时,要确保在人生不同方面上有着合理的平衡。请牢记,“平衡”对每个人来讲都是不一样的—请使用生命之轮这一工具来了解人生中最需要关注的方面。目标设定常见错误3:低估完成时间Mistake 3: Underestimating Completion Time低估完成时间How often has a task or project taken longer than you thought? Probably more times than you can count! You may also say the same for goals that you've set in the past.在某项任务或某个项目花费的时间,通常比你想象的要长吗?也许比你所能计算出来的次数还要多!也许,你也可以对自己以前设定的目标说出同样的话。If you don't estimate goal completion time accurately, it can be discouraging when things take longer to achieve than you think they should. This can cause you to give up.如果你没有准确地估计目标完成时间,一旦在事情上花费的时间比你想象要长,就可能会让人变得沮丧。这会让你放弃设定好的目标。So, use Action Programs and effective scheduling strategies when planning your goals. And always pad your timelines to account for delays and setbacks. If you add extra time into your estimate, you'll feel less pressure to rush and finish by a certain date.因此,在规划目标时,请使用行动纲领和有效的调度策略,也要考虑到延误和挫折上的时间。如果你把额外的时间加到估计的时间中,这样,在某个截止日期完成目标,就不需要那么匆忙,你就会感觉到面临的压力要少得多。目标设定常见错误4:不重视失败Mistake 4: Not Appreciating Failure不重视失败No matter how hard you work, you will fail to achieve goals from time to time. We've all been there, and it isn't fun!无论工作多么努力,你都会时不时地会无法达成目标。我们都有过这样的经历,这样的经历确实让人不快!However, your failures are what ultimately determine your character. They also contain lessons that can change your life for the best, if you have the courage to learn from them.然而,失败最终决定了你的性格。如果你有勇气从失败中学习的话,那么,失败也会给你的人生带来最好的改变。So don't be too upset if you fail to achieve your goals – just take note of where you went wrong and use that knowledge to reach your goals next time around.所以,即便没能达成目标,也不要太沮丧—要注意在什么地方出问题了,并在下一次利用这些“教训”来实现你的目标。